Tekkit and Terraforming!

After our switch to cheating via the Not Enough Items interface, I lost interest in building the machines I had started on.. if I could have any item I wanted, I didn’t need to bother mining for resources!

I wanted to make some buildings and try out all the new blocks.. covers, panels, strips, corners.. and coloured lamp blocks and Luminators.  I wanted some nice flat land for this too.. so I went to look at the Terraformer.  The Terraformer can flatten land, turn it into a desert, or grassland, can add plants and trees to existing land, irrigate or chill the area to snow.

I started with a Flatification TFBP, aiming for a large flat area covered in dirt, which I could quickly cover with grass.  However, I was trying to grow much of this land on top of the sea.. and I realised that once finished, the deep water would be lurking just one block away!

What I wanted was sand, to fill in this part of the sea and make it secure against Creeper explosion, and also allow for a cellar here and there.  So.. Desertification, right?

It started out fine.. sand blocks appeared in the surface of the water, fell down.  The Terraformer uses all the power it can get, so I added a few more HV Solar Cells and went to make some coffee.  When I came back, I was amused to see how messy the water was nearby..

and then shocked as I realised it had messed up the sea for quite a way!

Fortunately, the water was the only thing affected this far out; the Desertification process had only affected the other blocks near the Terraformer, and hadn’t riddled our mines and tunnels with blocks of sand! 🙂

Filling in the sea was still a long way off.. hours, maybe.. so I went back to Flatification, which covered the nearby mess fairly quickly.

Next was Cultivation.. which started placing grass, flowers, seedlings, various planted crops and mushrooms, and within minutes grew this into a rather thick forest!  The wiki page I’d seen for the Terraformer had said it was a slow process, but obviously the speed depends on the amount of power.. and I had a large solar array working on it! 🙂

Although I’d found a few wiki pages on Terraforming, I hadn’t seen anything indicating the range of the different effects.  So later on, we tried it out again, but well away from our bases and mines!

Flatification on top of the water produced a 60 x 60 square, with blocks appearing to be generated randomly, though the outer edges, from 40-60 blocks, hadn’t filled in by the time we had moved on.  Flatification doesn’t work underwater, on water blocks, and will only add dirt if there’s a hole in the water.. replacing an ‘air’ block.

My friend decided to blow up this Terraformer with a Nuke.. it looked rather like a TNT explosion, but made a nice wave of destruction! 🙂

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