McDROID Demo and Greenlight Campaign!

Indie studio Elefantopia today announced that the demo for McDROID, their debut strategy game for Windows, Mac and Linux, has crash landed on Earth and is now available to download!



Minion Master Out Now

Bitflip Games’ debut tactical collectible card game, Minion Master, is out now and available via Desura for £13, or from the game’s own official site!


Hairy Tales

Hairy Tales is a quirky action puzzle game by Arges Systems, released on Desura for Windows and Mac on 12th November, and on 25th October for iOS and Mac.


Hairy Tales Out Now

Hairy Tales, the debut puzzle game by Arges Systems, launched today on digital download service Desura for Windows and Mac.  The game is also available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store, and for OSX via the Mac Store.. and is also on Steam Greenlight.


DLC Quest and Lair of the Evildoer

The latest Indie Royale bundle is The St. Patricks Day Bundle: pay what you want for five games: Hard Reset, Jolly Rover, Vertex Dispenser, DLC Quest and Lair of the Evildoer!  Hard Reset, Jolly Rover and Vertex Dispenser came with Steam keys, while DLC Quest and Lair of the Evildoer were available through Desura or via download.

I played Going Loud Studios‘ DLC Quest first, a platform action game which takes a rather amusing swipe at the games industry and the increasing use of DLC, as well as gamers’ fears that we’re being exploited by DLC.


The Indie Royale – New Year’s Bundle

The Indie Royale New Year’s Bundle has now opened for purchase!

There are four games in the bundle at present: Nuclear Dawn by InterWave Studios, Max & the Magic Marker by Press Play, Fractal by cipherprime, and Indie Royale exclusive Super Crossfire by Radiangames.

As usual, the bundle is pay what you want, above a minimum price.  All the games are available on both Windows and Mac, with Steam keys for Nuclear Dawn, Max and the Magic Marker and Fractal, and Desura keys for Max, Fractal and Super Crossfire.

This bundle will be available for only five days.. so go and grab it now, over on!