A Day on the Couch: ZombiU and Hotlinking

Yesterday was all planned out.. I wanted to get on with some Minion Master, get slapped about some more in Dark Souls, and follow that up with these Blender tutorials.  However, my PC had other ideas: hanging on the GRUB loader, giving Error 22 and pretending to have a failed HDD.  I say pretending, because it turned out later that the drive was fine.. the PC was just trying to boot from the wrong drive.

So, off to the couch.. and another few hours of trying to survive in ZombiU! (more…)

Blender and Painted Models 2

I finished my cobblestone skin and sent it over to be mapped onto a cube..

I preferred the look of the cube with sunlight, though I could really see where I’d not painted the grooves enough.

Apparently the next steps are bump and normal mapping.. *blink*.. I also really want to file those corners off 🙂

Blender and Painted Models

A friend is learning to use Blender, and has now come to the part of his tutorial which requires him to use painted models.  Now, I think his two cubes are quite cute and serve the purpose well enough, but he asked me to paint a mesh for him..

This gave me a needed kick towards learning to use GIMP, which I’ve been meaning to look at for a while, as well as digging out my tablet from underneath the clutter on my desk.

I decided to attempt to make a cobblestone-type cube..

I don’t know if this is the best way to go about drawing it, and this may not turn out to be any more useful than the two existing cubes, but I’m rather interested in seeing how it looks in 3d 🙂