Hawken Enters Open Beta

Hawken, the free to play mech-based shooter by Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games, has now entered open beta.


Players take on the role of the pilot of a giant robotic war machine, battling against other mechs across ruined cities and desert canyons.  Mechs are customisable, with differing chassis sizes and weapon loadouts, and can be upgraded as you progress and unlock bonuses.

The beta client is available here.

Hawken – Mech Combat FPS

Hawken is a multiplayer mech combat game, developed by Adhesive Games using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

The team have now announced an official release date of 12/12/12, and confirmed that Hawken will be a free downloadable title, with in-game purchases allowing greater customisation and weapon variety.

While the 12th December is a long way off, you can get in on the action sooner by enlisting for the beta.