Source 2 Engine Announced

From this year’s GDC, Valve have finally announced the engine many have been waiting for: Source 2!

Source 2

The Source 2 engine will be available for free to content developers.. that’s professional game developers and amateurs.  There’s no mention of anything with a “3” on the end, of course, but Valve had denied that the Source 2 engine was in development until Gabe Newell confirmed the rumours in late 2012.. so my fingers are firmly crossed now!

Other products and technologies were announced, with more to come, but so far: streaming service Steam Link, available from November this year; Steam Machines, shown off set to be around the same price bracket as game consoles; Steam Controllers and a virtual reality headset, available to developers very soon, along with their ‘Lighthouse’ room tracking system which will also be free for hardware manufacturers.

Epic Games are set to give a demonstration of their newly announced Unreal Tournament at GDC, using one of the aforementioned Steam Machines.

Unreal Engine 4

As for Epic: Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 was made free last week, with a 5% royalty payable on released games and applications after the first $3000 of revenue per product, per quarter.  Unreal Engine 4 was released in June of 2012, and has gradually opened up to more developers until now, when it’s aimed at students, indies and professional game development teams.

Unity 5

Unity Technologies have also released the latest version of their engine, Unity 5, with graphical and editor improvements for development across 21 platforms; they have also announced Unity Cloud Build which will allow developers to use cloud computing to build up to date versions of a game or app during development.

Unity 5 is available in two editions: the subscription-based Professional Edition, featuring Unity Cloud Build, Asset Store 11, previews and betas and performance reporting; or the free but more basic Personal Edition, more suited to amateur developers.

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