Skydive: Proximity Flight

Skydive: Proximity Flight is an adrenaline-fuelled base-jumping simulator by Gaijin Entertainment, available as a downloadable title for the PS3 now, and on other platforms later.

Skydive Proximity Flight

Skydive can be played with two PS Move controllers (one for each hand), the DualShock’s Sixaxis controls, or even the analogue sticks.  Controls are very simple to pick up, with the PS3’s motion controls making it exceptionally easy to perform various tricks in mid-air.. simply tilt the controller and hit X for backflips, front flips, barrel rolls, with extra points for chaining multiple tricks together as well as for performing them as close to the terrain as you can.  Without crashing, of course!

I was really impressed with the graphics.. the landscapes were beautiful, and the great draw distance meant no blurry, slow-loading textures that could have spoiled the experience.

There are four game modes: Routes challenge the player to follow a set route, flying through hoops in the air, while Tricks has the player perform set tricks to pass the level.  Adrenaline Race is a four-player race against AI, and Freestyle allows the player to simply soar or perform tricks as they wish, with no set goal.. or to create challenges for their friends.

Skydive route

There’s no tutorial included in the game, but levels in the Routes and Tricks Modes start off really simple, and the controls are so easy and intuitive to use that a tutorial is completely unnecessary.  As you progress through the levels, the challenges become tougher so you need to constantly improve your skills.

Racing is somewhat more difficult as there’s no map or marked route; so unless you’ve learned a route, you’re left to fly and react to the terrain as you find it.  The other players leave a colourful trail which is easy to follow.. it’s rather cool, but who wants to follow the pack during a race?

As in the previous modes, players score points and fill the adrenaline meter by performing tricks and flying close to danger.  Players also have the option of a limited time rewind for adjustments or to recover from mistakes, but this uses adrenaline that you might otherwise want for a speed boost.  As well as losing the speed boost, I often found myself slightly overcompensating for the mistake I had just made, and crashing again.. so as yet I’ve not managed to win a race.

There are a number of different characters to unlock and play as, and each has slightly different stats with the locked characters having the best stats.  I assume some of the characters are celebs in the skydiving / base jumping world, but others are not.. you can play as Dracula, for instance!

I played mostly in third-person camera, but there are settings to allow you to use a camera affixed to the leg, or even a first-person camera, though it makes it a lot harder to judge your character’s position, and it can be a little disorienting as the camera turns with the character.  Skydive: Proximity flight is set to come out on PC at some point, with Oculus Rift support in the works.. couple that with first-person camera mode, and this would have to be one of the most exciting games to try out!

Though I can see Skydive: Proximity Flight becoming a little repetitive with time, it’s an absolute blast to play and I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of it so far!



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