Procrastination, you are no friend of mine.. I’ve been putting off a few posts due to holiday, illness, etc.. and the longer I put a post off, the less I feel like doing it!

I’ve actually completed a few console games.. RAGE, which has been lurking at 90% complete for a while, and then Enslaved.. which I finished rather quickly.. I adored this game and its DLC: Pigsy’s Perfect 10, and for the first time actually wished there was more DLC 😮

The next Xbox game I’ve stared on is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, picked out by Tim as soon as I’d put Enslaved down!  I liked this at the first look, but found the combat more of a challenge than expected.. Enslaved was rather easy.  I’ll really have to pay attention to timing in particular.. I took quite a beating from the Swamp Troll boss I met in a graveyard in the Dead Bog, and when I’d managed to get the better of him I failed on the QTE, which left me watching the troll stomp my character!

The dark, brooding atmosphere reminds me of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, which a friend bought me on PC as an early Christmas present.  I’ve only really touched the surface of that game too, finding it quite tough and loving it!

I’ve still not finished Dragon Age.. so many distractions.. but I did finish a casual game: Faerie Solitaire.  I say finished.. there are a few pets I’ve still to collect, but having seen comments on the Steam forums about this taking hundreds of hours.. I think I’ll pass on trying to get 100%!

Then there’s Hairy Tales, by Arges Systems.. I’ll give this rather lovely puzzler a post of it’s own, since I’m preparing to actually review it! 🙂

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