Possible Kickstarter for Wasteland 2

Brian Fargo, founder of Interplay and creator of post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland, may soon be using Kickstarter to fund a sequel to the game.  Wasteland was the precursor to the Fallout series, which was actually only made because Fargo and his team didn’t have the rights to Wasteland.  They now have the rights back from EA.

In an interview with IGN, Fargo notes that the fans were the first to get in touch about crowdfunding for a Wasteland sequel, following the success of the Double Fine Kickstarter.  If Fargo and the rest of inXile do go on to make the game, it would be “top-down, probably isometric, party based, skill based”, and rather than having to create the game to fit in with publisher demands, they would be able to create the game as they wanted.

Fargo hopes that a Kickstarter will go live in the next month, and notes that he thinks it will take at least a million dollars to complete the project.

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