PAWS – Prime Alien Watch Squad

P.A.W.S. (Prime Alien Watch Squad) is a casual strategy battle game for iOS, Android and PC, designed to be simple to learn and fun to play, with procedurally generated battlefields and cute hand-animated sprites and gorgeous backgrounds.. who said strategy couldn’t be cute?

The Kickstarter campaign is seeking a $30,000 funding goal to allow this game to be completed.. it has been in development for 18 months already, with an alpha available for Windows players.


Aliens have invaded the Earth’s timestream.  World monuments are disappearing mysteriously, in the wake of strange alien devices..

Thankfully, P.A.W.S. is on it!  The Primary Alien Watch Squad is Earth’s highly trained force, specialized to defend against alien invasions.  Your mission is simple: take P.A.W.S. back in time (and space), beat the aliens at their own game, and restore peace and the timeline in one fell swoop!

More details about the game can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page, along with the download link for the game’s alpha (Windows only).

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