OnNet’s Real Soccer Enters Open Beta Next Week

Celebrating the recent wrap of the football season, OnNet Europe today announced that Real Soccer will kick off its open beta testing phase next Wednesday (26/07/2013), allowing players throughout Europe to log in and play!

Real Soccer

Featuring full character customization, strategic management capabilities and full interactivity with online players throughout Europe, Real Soccer is looking for players to help make it the best online gaming experience available for football fans.  For more information, and to start playing, please visit the official website.

“Timing for Real Soccer Open Beta is perfect for curing the post-season blues”, said Kyeong Youn, Production Director from OnNet Europe. “We encourage players to use this time to build their players, hone their skills and execute the strategies that their favorite coaches should employ during the regular season”.

The launch of the open beta includes a special sign up promotion for new players, who get the chance to win Amazon vouchers as well as in-game currency when they play for a certain amount of time.  OnNet Europe will also be giving out special in-game items to those players who participated in the closed beta test and return to Real Soccer in the first week of open beta.

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