Obsidian Sanctum

Tonight’s raid of choice was Obsidian Sanctum.. this was a return visit as we’ve previously been unable to beat Sartharion..

We’re chasing achievements as well as mounts and other loot, so again we started by killing the trash but leaving the drakes alive.

As in previous attempts, we were wiped out when Tenebron joined in as he hit our Paladin way too hard.  In the end our Warrior went back into his tanking spec.. he was more able to take a beating to the face and we finally killed Sartharion and his friends off!

One of the prizes here was the Reins of the Black Drake, which was won by Vorlak to add another mount to his growing collection.

I won the Dragon Hide Bag, which means I have more room in my bags for random stuff 😉

After this success we headed back to Serpentshrine Cavern, to try and complete what we were unable to finish yesterday.
With an extra person in the team, the second phase of the fight with Lady Vashj was much easier.. we had less interference when passing the Tainted Cores between us and switched off Lady Vashj’s shield generators fairly quickly.  Killing her after that was no problem 🙂

I also grabbed the Helm of the Vanquished Defender, bringing my collection of Tier 5 Priest Gear to Helm, Gloves and Leggings..

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