Oblivion Kitteh

I’ve started another playthrough of Oblivion, this time as a Khajiit.

This is in part because I want to be a sneaky, sneaky thief.. I want to see the Grey Fox questline.. and in part because Khajiit, along with Argonians, were often slaves in the previous game, and I expect to come across some different dialogue if not outright hatred from some people.

The unlimited night-vision “Eye of Night” will probably see a lot of use while sneaking around stealing stuff.. in the meantime it just looks good to have something different!  I’m also a fan of Kitteh’s acrobatics, though I levelled this fairly quickly in the past due to my short-cuts across rough ground.

On my first playthrough I decided to go my own way rather than rush to find Martin.
This meant that when I got to the first Oblivion gate, I was far higher level than I should have been, and the NPCs were slaughtered rather than providing me with a nice little group to go into battle with.  This time round I’m pretty much aiming to do more of the main story before heading out to wreak havok 🙂

I’m only hoping to get this done before the release of Skyrim, in November, as I suspect there’ll be little time for other games once I have that 😉

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