Night Terror

Last night we were playing on the original Left 4 Dead, on a quite awesome custom campaign called Night Terror.  This is a six-part campaign created by NIPPER and DrBoo, available here on

We played this campaign a while back, and it was the haunted mansion map which stuck in my mind the most, with it’s originality and fantastic voice work by the narrator.

The door closed in a small circular room closed once we were all inside, and the ceiling started moving upwards..  The narrator informed us that there were no windows and no doors, and that we could try and find a way out, or take his way out.. mind tricks being played as the ceiling was replaced for a few seconds by a different ceiling with a hanging man, though you need to be looking straight up to see him.

My favourite bit though, was the ghost ride along the path once outside.
Somebody has to get off to open the gates, and then again to restart the buggy, but then it’s a nice ride through the haunted graveyard 🙂

The next bit of the nightmare is straight out of the Mines of Moria, and very clever too.  The book lying on the edge of the well is the trigger for the next event, with some more fantastic voice work.  After you’ve done reading, the bucket tips into the well and summons a horde led by a tank!

This part is fairly hectic, and so far we’ve lost somebody each time.  Following this, things don’t get any easier with a huge room full of zombies, and another door which doesn’t open until after two waves.

Endless stairs.. Just as well Coach isn’t in this team, or he’d be complaining 😉

We had a silly number of smokers on the stairs last night, who just kept picking survivors off.  Such easy targets, with no walls to hide behind..

I also loved the Jungle map, which contains some sneaky traps, but overall feels a lot easier than the Moria section.  A friend was rather too amused by me getting squished by one trap which caught me completely unaware, coming down from the ceiling.  We all laughed when the bot was squished by a rolling spiked cylinder a little further on though!

The finale is started off by an alarm clock in a strange, destroyed bedroom.  Personally my alarm clock starts my nightmare, rather than ending it – I don’t like getting out of bed in the morning 😉
Another amusing touch comes with the ending.. the survivors rescue themselves, rather than being picked up by helicopter or boat.. by running into what looks like a glowing portal to a laser disco!

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