News of the Leaked Variety

Almost all the news that has caught my eye today has been leaked in some way or other.. maybe this is the new thing for bored PR? 😉

Ubisoft have released a CGI launch trailer for the American Revolution-themed Assassin’s Creed III:

Over the last week, many of the details have been leaked. I’ve decided to avoid reading too much more on this title.. when we eventually get the game I’d rather play without any expectations or spoilers in mind 🙂

Earlier this morning I spotted a note on VG247 saying that Amazon Italy have listed Diablo III for the 17th April.. which would probably make it 20th April, here in the UK.  Blizzard haven’t confirmed a date yet, but if this is true then it’s just a little over six weeks away!

Fable Heroes was leaked by the Xbox Live Marketplace this morning too.  This is an XBLA hack and slash with co-op or competitive play for up to four players.. playing as heroes of Albion, with screenshots showing what looks like some kind of board game.  Collecting coins in the game allows unlocks of upgrades, characters and items in both this game and  Fable: The Journey..

Fable: The Journey is a Kinect game for Xbox 360, developed using the Unreal Engine 3, where players cast spells by using gestures.  This game’s release date was also leaked this morning on the US date being the 4th September, so likely 7th September in the UK.  The date was spotted by CVG, but was later changed.

There is much more going on this week though.. this is the week of the Game Developers Conference!

The schedule, with lots of interesting looking titles, is here.. live coverage is available on Gamasutra.

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