Neverwinter, Firefall and Other News

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter goes into Open Beta on the 30th April at 5pm.. but Neverwinter Founders will get early access: Heroes of the North starting on 25th April, and Guardians on 27th April!


Founder’s Packs are available to purchase here, with registration for Neverwinter here.

The latest trailer showed off Rothé Valley, where the drow of House Xorlarrin are enslaving and killing anyone they can find.  This high-level adventure zone will pit heroes against the magical mastery and arachnid minions of the iconic dark elves corrupted by their Spider Queen.

Firefall, the free to play open world shooter by Red 5 Studios, will be going into Open Beta on 9th July!  Closed beta sessions are continuing between now and July to prepare the game for Open Beta testing with improvements being made to crafting, progression and additional content.

Players can keep up with the game’s development, and sign up for beta here:  Founders Packs are also still available at:


RF Online 1.5, an RvRvR MMORPG combining sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk in a three-race war for resources on the planet Novus, has now launched!  Features include enhanced balance, a new level cap of 105, new maps and the Cash Shop, where players can purchase potions and various in-game items.  Until 24th April, there’s also a launch promotion with new players having a chance to win Amazon gift cards worth up to €500!

Copenhagen-based indie developer Framebunker have revealed their tablet-exclusive tactical combat game Static Sky.  Static Sky is set in a futuristic cyberpunk universe, mixing the gameplay mechanics of XCOM and Diablo, with players set in the role of a remote operator for a squad of agents who go rogue when their employer turns on them.

Static Sky

Danish indie studio Full Control have announced that they have begun work on Jagged Alliance: Flashback, with a Kickstarter on the way.. more details coming soon.

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