More Wolves!

It was a friend’s birthday today, and another friend built him a massive cake in Minecraft..

After going to see it, I wandered back to base rather aimlessly.. until I came across a bone.
For the longest time bones had no real interest for me, even after they had been given a use in making things grow.  Now, though, they can be used to tame wolves.. 😀

I went back to the “Breeding Ground” we discovered a few nights ago, and found just one lone wolf to start with, so I decided to set up camp overnight.

I then had a bit of fun with my shelter, as I was awoken by a skeleton who had clipped through the wall..
The wolf teleported into the room too, presumably because the skeleton had attacked me, and when he’d killed it I tried to sleep again.. which netted me another skeleton!  Beds need to have space between them and the wall to prevent this happening, so I enlarged the shelter and was about to try again when a spider appeared in the middle of the room too.  More torches!

The second day brought more wolves, with two of them being tamed for just one bone each..

I found a few more after this, but maybe making up for the two cheap wolves, one of these ate the remainder of my bones and still wasn’t tamed.  Now.. where to get more bones…

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