More PvP and our new 2v2 team!

Over on the Tol Barad peninula, I found the last two critters for ‘To All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me’!  The plan for the night had been to make our new 2v2 Arena team, but first we went for Tol Barad.. the Horde won the round so I picked up Tol Barad Victory as well as a nice haul of points, and some more PvP gear. 🙂

On to the Arena then, with 2v2 team ‘The Twisted Lockbox’..

We went for matching Mechano-Hogs and pets, but had a string of defeats as expected 😉

Towards the end we started to get easier opponents, and I was learning to stick to healing instead of trying to hit enemies with my rather ineffectual attacks.  I find PvP in the Arena to be a totally different game again from the PvP in Battlegrounds.. or maybe I’ve been doing it wrong in there as well..

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