Mods again..

As if I don’t have enough new games to play, I’ve been fiddling around with some more mods.

Finally finished Korsakovia, though that was more on sheer stubborn determination and a bit of curiosity, rather than because I loved the game.

Later levels required me to climb up platforms made of various junk from previous levels, coming apart more and more as, I guess, it’s trying to show you that Christopher’s reality has.

Oh, and more televisions to find and smash, more black clouds to avoid, and more of the strange story being revealed by Christopher and Dr Grayson’s dialogue.  Remember this one is designed to screw with your head?  The ending does that even more, as you SHOW SPOILER because it’s the end, and sit back and listen to the last bit of Christopher’s story.

A friend recently asked if I would recommend this game to others..  I certainly wouldn’t push somebody to it, but if you’ve not already been put off then there’s no harm in trying it.  It’s perfectly safe. 😉

The second mod for this week is a Half Life 2 mod called SMOD.  This is pretty much the regular game plus a slew of additions such as being able to kick enemies and throw the crowbar.  I’ve not played through a lot of this yet, but already it’s shaping up to be a slightly tricker game than the original, though this might be because I’m trying to kick everybody instead of firing from a safe distance.

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