Modern Warfare 2

This is actually the first game since Fallout 3 that we’ve picked up on Day 1 (not counting gifts and promos here).  I tried ignoring the hype across the web over the recent weeks, but it gets harder to ignore when you find out the game is only £28 at Morrisons, and the boss offers to go to the shop to fetch it (while getting copies for half the office too).

We ended up picking the PS3 version up because the others at work were going for PS3 too.  We’d decided it was a toss-up between PS3 and 360, because if we were to choose PC, we’d have to buy two copies.  I prefer shooters on the PC, but I can see we’re going to increasingly move to consoles as we don’t want to pay for a game twice.

So – MW2.. I can see why people have been raving; it deserves the hype!

Controls-wise, it feels very like COD 4: Modern Warfare, so quite easy to pick up and get into.  Graphics, wow.  There’s an amazing level of detail, blood effects and lighting seem bang on.  Sounds seem perfect, fitting the environments, and the voice acting particularly is really well done.  More gravelly voices 🙂

So tonight I enjoyed sneaking around in the snow with a heartbeat sensor, picking off guards..  followed by a mad dash in the snow mobile section after a confrontation with some guards and a bit of a scrap.  No trophies though, which seems to be something affecting a few others too.  Tim got his, so I’m not sure quite what happened there.

For me, the single player missions need to be done first, before playing with other modes.  This does mean at my pace, which is on the slow side, but I’d rather take my time and enjoy it than race through but not really take in all the details.

After that, maybe some online, but definitely some co-op 🙂

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