Minion Master Out 10th December

Bitflip Games have announced that their debut collectible card game, Minion Master, will be released on 10th December!

Minion Master is a digital board game that brings together the moment-to-moment tactics of collectible card games with the long-term strategy of miniature war gaming.  Players battle with armies of figurines on a hex based board, with minions summoned and controlled using a custom built deck of cards.  The game features a Deck Builder, 6 player co-op and versus multiplayer, a Level Editor, and a constantly expanding universe of Minions to control.

Pre-orders are available until the game launches on 10th December.  In addition to a larger collection of cards to use in game, players who pre-order will receive the first expansion set, a Steampunk-themed set of Minions & cards, for free when available.  A demo version of the game is also available for players to try, with a starter deck and limited access to the built in Level Editor.. sign up and get started on the game’s official website.

Minion Master is also up for voting on Steam Greenlight.

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