Minecraft 1.3.1

Minecraft has now been updated to 1.3.1, adding new features, new buildings, blocks and items, and as usual, fixing bugs.

New this time is Adventure Mode, where designers will be able to create adventures for others to explore.. rather like the AdventureCraft mod which players have used up till now.  Players won’t be able to destroy or place blocks, so will instead need to trade with villagers for goods, using Emeralds, or fight mobs for the gear they drop.  A new block is to be added for Adventure Mode designers; this block will run singleplayer commands and is only obtainable through the /give command.

There’s also now a demo mode for non-registered players to play for up to five days per world in singleplayer.  Single-player will now run an internal server, and the instance will be available across LAN; LAN worlds will appear in the multiplayer screen.

Amongst the other changes: zombies will now be able to infect villagers, turning them into zombies too.  That also means baby villagers becoming baby zombies!

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