Mass Effect 3 DLC Appears Pre-Launch

The first Mass Effect 3 DLC pack appeared briefly on the Xbox Live Marketplace today, almost two weeks before the launch of the game.  The DLC is called From Ashes, and the description itself included some spoilers for the game: the DLC unearths some secrets from the past.. and adds a new character to  your squad: a Prothean.  Via VG247.

BioWare have confirmed that this DLC will be available on launch for free.. but only to those who have bought the Collector’s Edition.  Everyone else will have to pay for this content, despite the fact that the content has been developed and finished before launch.

TotalBiscuit has already posted a video about this and other issues with DLC, Collector’s Editions and pre-order bonuses.  Other comments in forums and on Twitter suggest that some gamers have cancelled their pre-orders and/or are boycotting the game in light of the DLC and the way it is being handled.

A previous boycott of Battlefield 3 due to the problem of retailer-exclusive items eventually led to the developers changing their minds about the DLC, and making it a timed exclusive only.

BioWare have since come out with an announcement about the discussions surrounding the From Ashes DLC, claiming that the Prothean is an “optional” character, and was advertised on the Collector’s Edition of the game as a “bonus character”.  They also state that the DLC content was created by a separate team, after the main game had been submitted for certification.

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