Marvel Heroes Adds Emma Frost

Gazillion Entertainment have announced that Game Update 1.2 for Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play action-MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe, is now live worldwide!

Marvel Heroes Emma Frost

Players can now play as the iconic heroine Emma Frost!  Experience her Omega level telepathic powers and diamond form.  Ever want to mind control a T-Rex?  Now you can!

Players can now choose their difficulty level (Normal, Heroic, or Super Heroic), challenging the hardcore players to up their game and put their superheroes’ powers to the true test.

There’s also an all-new zone, Queens featuring the Bank Heist mission that pits new players against the infamous Black Cat.

In addition, major game system changes include an Upgraded Defense System, brand new Relic and Unique item types, and new Artifacts in addition to performance upgrades, experience gain increases, power scaling and more.  To view a full list of changes ushered in with Marvel Heroes Game Update 1.2, please visit:

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