Many More Orcs Must Die!

I loved Orcs Must Die!  I spent many hours gleefully squishing, stabbing, and burning orcs.. and trying to beat friends on the scoreboard, of course!  Good times, good times.. 😉

Orcs Must Die! 2 carries on where the first game left off.. though with a bunch of new traps and weapons, and a second playable character, the Sorceress.  And it’s still got that lovely art style..

The War Mage relies on weapons, and starts off with a rather nice Blunderbuss, while the Sorceress mainly uses spells and starts off with the Scepter of Domination, which can be used to charm enemies to fight for you, for a while.  A few of the traps and weapons are exclusive to one character, too.  I like both characters from what I’ve seen this far.. I’m playing through the campaign with the War Mage first, though, and we’ll see what happens when it comes to co-op! 😀

Another big change in OMD2 is the addition of minecarts, running along pairs of tracks through each map.  You can change the active track by shooting the signal, so you can send the carts to wherever there are Orcs to send flying!  This is fun to watch, and there’s an achievement in it too, but it could interfere with your plans in regards to combos.. and you can’t place traps over the track itself.

As I started out with the Fire and Water and Family Ties DLC, there were a few extras..  After a quick play with my old combo of Tar, Spikes and Arrow Wall, I tried out the Web Spinner and Dart Spitter.. both from Fire and Water.

The Dart Spitter can ping the minecarts’ signals, though, as it fires indiscriminately once triggered.

Along with the weapons, spells and traps, there are also trinkets, with both a passive and an active effect.  I spotted the Jar of Ghosts first.. the passive effect fears enemies who hit me, but the active effect is a little more fun.. I can drive all enemies back with a rather nice fear 🙂

There is a cooldown on the active effect.. probably just as well, or the enemies would never make it past the first killzone!

I also found a spot in my line-up for the new Dwarf Guardian.. who throws bombs at incoming enemies!  I tend to put my Guardians near the Rift, to catch those enemies that escaped my traps and to keep them out of trouble.. while the Dwarf is less squishy than the Archer, he can still be put down.

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