Kyn is a fast-paced role-playing strategy game set in a world of Viking mythology and magic, with six playable characters with highly customisable stats and abilities as well as a deep crafting and loot system.  Kyn has been developed by two-man team Tangrin, and published by Versus Evil.

Kyn Load Screen

We previewed Kyn in June, and loved it.. in fact, I wanted to play through the whole game there and then!  There have been a few changes since then, and since the game’s release on the 28th July, the team have been fixing bugs and adding features requested by the community.

Kyn’s story begins with two newly-inducted Magni warriors, Alrik and Bram, emerging from the cave where they have been holed up for their initiation.  On the way back to their home town, Vinborg, they discover that the Aeshir are not being their usual peaceful selves, but are out causing trouble.  Alrik and Bram are sent on various missions: to rescue captured guards, help evacuate villages and clear enemies from a town under seige, and more.

Kyn - Bring Bengta Back

As you progress through the story, you gain other Warriors to add to your party, up to a maximum of six.  Each can be fully customised in terms of stats and abilities, and equipped with a wide variety of gear and weapons, including those created via Kyn’s rather impressive crafting system.

Warriors have Mind, Body and Control stats, and you can place all the points into one stat, or spread them out across all three.  As points are spent in any of the stats, the relevant skill tree opens up, with more points allowing for more powerful abilities.  It’s all very flexible; you can pour all the points into one attribute to unlock the most powerful abilities within a skill tree, or spread the points out and create a more balanced character with a mixture of less powerful abilities.  Points can be reallocated at any time, so you can change your Warriors’ abilities to suit the situation or just to suit your playstyle.

Characters level up after each mission, as they return to town.  Town is also where you can craft different weapons or pieces of armour.  Component parts are looted from the enemies you encounter during a mission, and you select from a menu the item you’d like to create.

Kyn - Crafting

Wandering through Vinborg, you can see some of the people you’ve saved, and talking to people, it feels like a living, breathing town.  However, I’m not liking the much more zoomed view we’ve got now in the release version; it feels more constrained and while I can still explore around the town, it means a lot of clicking in the direction I want to go without really being able to see where I’m going.

Combat can be tough; switching between your characters allows you to make the most of their individual abilities, but it can be a little fiddly.  Thankfully, you can slow time by pressing the space bar.  This is a limited use ability, so you can’t rely on it too much, but it can make the difference when you’re in trouble!  Enemies come with a few tactics and offer a challenge when they come in numbers, with fighters meeting my Warriors head on, while mages and archers keep their distance!  Combat feels responsive, and I’ve enjoyed trying out different abilities as I changed the build of my Warriors between levels.

Kyn - Positioning

Kyn’s world is beautiful, with fantastic locations and interesting characters, enemies and items.  The music, written by Will Bedford, is lovely, and changes as you go in and out of battle.. and there’s enough variation in the sound effects for the different weapons that it doesn’t feel repetitive.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with the game.  For me, the main problem was in selecting items or enemies.. especially during combat.  In a crowded battle, clicking on the right target was at times painful, and sometimes I found myself using the slow time feature just so that I could target something.  This is something the team are aware of and have been tweaking.

Pathfinding also isn’t perfect, and sometimes, characters end up trying to shoot through walls, or stop dead behind scenery instead of charging at the enemy.  Since release I’ve found it to be less of a problem, but it still happens from time to time.

As mentioned already, the number of items that you can craft is huge.  However, this means navigating those items is not a quick task as you have to wade through all existing items to see if there’s something suitable for your characters.  There are seven pages of chest armour, for instance.  This system could really do with a few filters, or the ability to hide items.

Tangrin are continuing to work on the game, adding new features such as a rotating camera and character highlights in the last week, and aiming to add formations and AI options next week.  Formations and AI would make it a lot easier to keep squishy mages out of the way, for sure!


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