Killer Bundle 5

Bundle Stars have announced the Killer Bundle 5, the latest of their Killer bundles, available now for £3.69.

Killer Bundle Banner

Experience the violent rebirth of the legendary PC FPS, Rise of the Triad; clean up the city in stunning noir gangster epic Blues and Bullets; and interview suspects to solve murder mysteries in Contradiction, the unique live-action video game. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on some of the best PC games to be featured in a bundle, but you’ll need to hurry as this is a limited time offer.

What’s in the Bundle?

  • Rise of the Triad (Windows) – The bloody cult classic FPS returns! Conquer over 20 explosive levels in single player, and enjoy unique multiplayer maps, all with a full arsenal of over-the-top weapons at your disposal. You can even build your own levels and share them with your friends using Steam Workshop.
    71% positive Steam reviews.
  • Blues and Bullets: Episode 1 (Windows) – In this Noir thriller take control of the legendary Untouchables leader Eliot Ness, as he looks to uncover the mystery behind the recent child disappearances, whilst also helping his arch-nemesis Al Capone.
    91% positive Steam reviews.  We gave Blues and Bullets: Episode 1 a 4/5 when we reviewed it back in August!
  • Town of Salem (Windows/Mac) – Murder, mystery, and deception all await you in this party game where nobody can be trusted!
    93% positive Steam reviews.
  • Runestone Keeper (Windows/Mac) – Delve deep into the Runestone Keeper’s randomly generated dungeons, in this game that blends classic RPG elements and turn based strategy.
    93% positive Steam reviews.
  • Malebolgia (Windows) – Abandon all hope! Explore the haunted palace of Malebolgia found deep within Hell’s cold desolate wasteland. Described as a mix of Dark Souls with stylish horror, will you be able to escape alive?
    86% positive Steam reviews.
  • Contradiction – Spot The Liar (Windows/Mac) – Using live-action video for the entirety of the game, Contradiction is a unique murder mystery adventure that challenges you to conduct interviews, spot the lies, and catch them out!
    97% positive Steam reviews.
  • ChargeShot (Windows) – Shoot, reflect, and jetpack your way to victory in this local-multiplayer, space-bounty-hunter, deathmatch game.
    96% positive Steam reviews.
  • rFactor (Windows) – Offering a wealth of customization, engrossing graphics, and outstanding multiplayer, rFactor is one of the most complete racers available on Steam.
    87% positive Steam reviews.
  • Quarries of Scred (Windows) – How far will you go to risk your bounty? Quarries of Scred brings the classic arcade experiences of games such as Boulder Dash and Dig Dug back to the forefront in this brutal, retro-inspired arcade game.
    96% positive Steam reviews.
  • Paperbound (Windows) – Run with scissors and walk on walls in this in this unique award winning local-multiplayer gravity battle arena game.
    100% positive Steam reviews.


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