I spotted Incredipede last night on RPS: an indie puzzle by Colin Northway featuring Quozzle, an incredipede on a journey to rescue her sisters.  Quozzle can grow new arms and legs as she goes, with muscle and leg positions determined at the start of the level.

Movement is caused by the push/pull of muscles, controlled by keypresses of A and D.. a little like QWOP, but where I find QWOP is too frustrating to actually enjoy, Incredipede has at least a feeling of some control.

Though.. I feel sorry for poor little Quozzle.  I faceplanted her across the first level, thrashing her across the ground through the next.. and then there was the rather icky deleting and pulling at her legs to change her shape.. in one level, removing all the legs so she could roll through the gaps in the rocks.

How can something be both cute and repulsive?


Incredipede is available now, with the demo available to play in the browser.  It’s also up on Steam Greenlight, looking for votes to be released on the platform.

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  • offshore company says:

    The graphics and music really aren’t bad, and haven’t annoyed me after a solid hour of play like some nameless games.The mechanics of legs and muscles driving your movement are relatively simple, a single leg and a muscle and you’re essentially operating a piston with the head/eye forming the pivot point, or you might use a stiff leg as a body for multiple legs to drive your motion,read more hooks to catch hanging points, etc.Difficulty is not too intense to begin with which given the fact there’s so many potential solutions to the problems is really a good thing since you can try multiple solutions to minimize your leg and muscle use, and/or time taken to beat each level.All in all it’s been fun to play, and I know it’ll drive my kids nuts in days to come.

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