I hate Ertan!

After having not run any dungeons for a while, I joined a friend for a Random Heroic.  We ended up with Vortex Pinnacle, somewhere I’d not been since much earlier in the year on normal, never mind Heroic.

Things were a bit scrappy on the way up to the first boss, and then it really went to hell, with a wipe on the now-hated Grand Vizier Ertan.  One player left, and we ran back in to find another appeared to be AFK, so after a little while we kicked him, and got two more.

We didn’t do any better this time, with lots of abuse from the two randoms directed at me after everyone started taking lots of damage, and one guy, standing outside the tornadoes, died.  The boss went down, but that wasn’t enough and the randoms kicked me from the group.

I ran though the dungeon again on normal later with friends, just to look at Ertan, and last night I went through the whole dungeon with another friend and randoms, again on normal, however, it’s not really changed anything.

I now don’t want to consider going near Heroics unless I know the dungeon really well.. and that’s where my second problem comes in.  Who to go in with?  My friends have seen it all before and want to do Heroics, which leaves me having to ask for normals, or go and do normals with randoms.. a prospect which makes me feel anxious 🙁

I originally took a trial out to have a look at the game and play with friends.. and the friends had been the reason I’ve stayed, while meeting potentially abusive randoms and feeling anxious in case things go wrong are things that makes me not want to play.

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