Sleeping outdoors at the beginning of April isn’t normally something I’d recommend.  However, sleeping outdoors because you’re attending a Multiplay i-series LAN party is fine – and exactly what we were doing this last weekend.

We arrived around 1pm on Thursday, to find ourselves amongst the first there.  Happily this meant we were able to register in just 10 minutes, including the time it took for the database to be rebooted.. a huge improvement on i-37, where we waited for over two hours in the queue!
We then set up our tents in a nice spot by the old grandstand, finishing just in time for it to start throwing it down!

After that it was a matter of waiting for our friends to arrive, set up their tents, and find our way to the pub for a bit before the event was properly opened up.

There were also some nice new hoodies for members of CantFitMyN, with names on the back and smaller logos with initials on the front.  This resulted in a game of “spell rude words with our initials for the camera”, pictures of which I won’t be adding here 😉

Along with the rest of the clan, we took over one end of the first floor of the Grandstand, and it was clean, undisturbed and fairly quiet, until Sunday night’s chatroulette antics from the row behind us, at which point we couldn’t hear ourselves speak for the screams coming from this group..  Otherwise, a damn good spot, worth trying to bag again for i-40!

So, normally there are a few new games which grab my interest at lan.  This time it was Heroes of Newerth (beta), which I’m told is virtually a clone of Warcraft III’s DoTA mod.  I’ve not tried that mod so I’m not going to make any comparisons, but I have to say I loved playing this game despite the kickings I’ve had this far. 🙂

The weekend was wrapped up with a massive battle on TF2, with CantFitMyN managing to win their first game against Crazy / inv .. though possibly due to having a few more players on the team!

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