GunSwords Begins “Beta Bash” Events

One Button Studios’s turn-based PvP game GunSwords is now in Open Beta, with weekly “Beta Bash” events to take place on Thursdays and Sundays, starting on 14th February at 5pm GMT (6pm CET / 9am Pacific) and running for 24 hours.

GunSwords Combat

Thursday’s sessions will reward players with double game points and tin, while Sunday’s sessions will include a Twitch stream and developers Q&A sessions, from 11pm-1am GMT (12-2am CEST / 3pm-5pm Pacific).

Players can sign up for the beta now on the official GunSwords website.

In GunSwords, players build a squad of Swordsmen, Gunners and Mages, using available equipment, with a choice of 17 upgradeable weapons and spells.  Players then challenge others to turn-based battles in special arenas, to gain points, currency to buy and upgrade weapons and fighters and prestige in the online leaderboard.

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