Giant Spacekat’s Revolution 60 Funded

Yesterday, iOS indie studio Giant Spacekat launched the Kickstarter for Revolution 60, an intense, cinematic story that has been described as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect”, aiming to bring the iPad game to PC and Mac.  Just one day later, the $5000 funding target has been reached!

Revolution 60

Revolution 60 is set years in the future, where an American orbital weapons platform has drifted off course, threatening an international incident.  Chessboard, a special ops group led by an artificial intelligence, has tasked a team to rendezvous with the station and regain control.  In this crucial mission players are cast as Holiday, a Chessboard assassin who must decide if her loyalty is to her friends or to the mission.  Featuring an all female cast starring anime legends Amanda Winn-Lee and Marieve Herrington, players undertake a series of missions, and make difficult moral choices that have significant effects on the game outcome so that every ending is different.


Revolution 60 is a story of intense character conflict where the main character lives or dies based on the player’s choices.  Featuring some of the most complex animation on iOS to date, including full facial animation using Unreal, Revolution 60 also features intuitive, fluid combat, optimized for touch screen and detailed animations using the Unreal engine and gameplay that is accessible to the casual iOS user as well as mechanics suited to hardcore players.

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