Getting my hands dirty..

Through updating our PCs over time, we’ve ended up with a collection of junk parts.  Rather than take them to the skip, we’ve decided to put some of these parts to use: by making a PC for a friend who will likely never do more than Facebook and Skype, and making a PC to run old games..

Three cases with bits to remove and bits to add.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of dust inside, though..

This whole thing was far easier than expected.. no components were harmed although I did end up pushing the reset buttons and LEDs back inside the case by accident 😉

Next up is installing Windows on these, and then several rounds of updates.

I also found an interesting item in one of the cases, which I’m going to use to make something cool for the next i-event.. and that’s all the clues I’m giving for now!

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