Gamious Announces Three New Mobile Titles

Dutch publisher Gamious has announced three new mobile titles, which will be presented at Gamescom 2013: Dark Day LA, Expandaball and Briquid Mini.


Dark Day LA came to life during the Global Gam Jam 2013. Scheduled for release in September, Dark Day LA is a same-screen multiplayer game that pits a vampire against a sniper in a dark and shady area of LA.  The vampire tries to wreak havoc on the citizens and needs to stay alive by biting people in the streets.  The sniper sits in a helicopter and must decipher from above which character is the vampire and try to shoot him.

Dark Day LA

The game will be released on iPad and on Smart TV, thanks to a recently announced partnership between Gamious and Philips to bring same-screen multiplayer gaming to Smart TV for the first time using the Philips’ uWand technology.

Expandaball, also a Global Gam Jam original, is a side scrolling, physics based action puzzler.  The player must navigate a ball by growing and shrinking its size, to reach the exit as soon as possible.  The title is in the final stages of development for tablets and consoles.


Briquid Mini is the follow up to the acclaimed tablet game Briquid.  Briquid Mini offers the same ingenious water puzzle gameplay available on tablet, but this time for smartphones.  It features redesigned levels from the original, as well as over fifty brand new levels specifically designed for smaller phone screens.

Briquid Mini

Gamious is a game publishing company headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Its mission is to create high quality, accessible, original games for the digitally distributed games market.  In 2011, Gamious launched the Game Train, an innovative platform for collaborative development, bringing together creative talents in the industry around promising game concepts. With the Game Train reaching its cruising speed, Gamious will release several new titles in 2013. For more information, visit:

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