Games to Learn to Code With!

Two rather interesting games have come up this week.. else { Heart.break() }, which will allow players to access and alter the game code itself, and Code Hero, which teaches you how to code, using Javascript in Unity 3d, and gives you a gun to shoot bits of code which then execute on the target!

else { Heart.break() } is still in development, with potentially another year to go.  When finished, this will be an adventure game within the world of computers and code, where you can change reality using the programming skills you learn from characters within the game.

The website says that players will be assumed to have no prior knowledge of programming.. however, I suspect those who will be attracted to the game will already be interested in coding to start with.  I do wonder how far you can change the programming though, without just breaking the game.

Code Hero also starts out with no expectations of coding knowledge from players.  The game gives you a code gun to copy and fire pieces of Javascript, which execute when they hit a target.. for instance, moving a platform down by shooting code to change its y- position.  The idea is that by using different pieces of code, players will start to learn what that codes does.. but I suspect the same will apply as for else { Heart.break() }; the people it attracts will already be interested in programming.

The beta game was shown at Minecon in 2011, and is available to those preordering the game, as well as those pledging on the game’s Kickstarter.  Sadly, it looks as though the Kickstarter won’t go through as there haven’t been enough pledges, and time is nearly up.

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