Galaxy of Trian Beta

Other Games has today announced that they will be expanding the beta for digital science fiction strategy board game Galaxy of Trian to include up to 3000 more testers.  Beta testers will be able to experience the game’s newly added multiplayer functions first-hand before the game’s expected launch in January 2016.

“We’re all big board game buffs here at Other Games”, explains Piotr Zygadlo, Studio Director on Galaxy of Trian. “We have a lot of respect for the source material, and we want to make sure we do it justice. Expanding the beta to fully test the multiplayer allows us to pick the minds of our core players in order to really make this game into the digital experience it deserves to be.”

The Galaxy of Trian strategy board game was originally funded through Kickstarter, raising $130,396 over a thirty day crowdfunding campaign. In Other Games’ digital incarnation, players select from one of four races and play against others as they stake claim over undiscovered areas of the galaxy.

Galaxy of Trian screen1

Peaceful creatures, the Trian race became the most enlightened civilization in the known galaxy, garnering respect and admiration from all other races.  They were ancient pilgrims, spreading knowledge and technology in every corner of the galaxy.

But at the height of their powers, this ancient race embarked on a journey, carrying on an everlasting mission and sending forth a mighty armada into the stars. They left behind their technology, leaving their cities abandoned as they began their pilgrimage.  And now, deserted and unprotected, the remnants of the Trian civilization stand ready for those willing to take the ancient race’s technology for themselves.  The lesser races, which once would never dare trespass into Trian space, begin their slow and dangerous exploration of the Trian’s corner of the galaxy.

Galaxy of Trian screen2

In Galaxy of Trian players face series of battles competing for galactic supremacy. Single player mode includes custom matches against AI and a full campaign mode, and in multiplayer gamers can engage hot-seat mode, all taking turns sharing one device. Online play is also available via server mode, allowing players to challenge their friends to see who is the best strategist!

Galaxy of Trian screen4

Taking into consideration the deeply strategy driven audience, additional planned features include a complex ranking system and online match-making to test your wit against random players of the same level.

Galaxy of Trian will launch as a free-to-play game on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Web and features cross-platform play across all formats and multiple game modes for solo and multiplayer gameplay, allowing a host of options for players to choose a race, explore the galaxy and gather resources.

Players can sign up for the beta by entering their contact information here.

For more information on Galaxy of Trian check out the game’s official website.

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