Gabe Newell Confirms A Next-Gen Valve Game Engine

A week ago, a group of fans visited Valve headquarters for Gabe Newell’s birthday to present him with a birthday card and a TF2 style crate; Gabe had to pay $2.50 for a key to unlock the crate, which contained a combat helmet like the TF2 Soldier’s.

The unboxing, and subsequent chat the fans was filmed, and uploaded to YouTube.

While the fans were told not to ask about Half Life 3, there was more mention of “Ricochet 2” being in development (Ricochet 2 has been claimed to be a code name for HL3).  Someone asked whether Valve were working on a new version of Source, and Gabe confirmed that they had been “working on new engine stuff for a while” and that they were waiting for a game to roll it out with.

The video continues with more questions about DOTA 2, Valve policy and product news.

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