First Wonder Playable at TwitchCon

Indie Dev Rogue Rocket Games – whose co-founders Nick Bruty and Richard Sun previously worked on MDK, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Earthworm Jim, and Star Wars: Republic Commando – will share their updated hands-on “early look” multiplayer demo of First Wonder with TwitchCon attendees, where they’ll go head-to-head against Rogue Rocket Games themselves.  As the terrifying giant “Monstro”, players must evade or destroy all opposition in their way, using a repertoire of destructive abilities and surprising interactions within the environment, as Monstro works towards fulfilling a foreboding prophecy.

Monstro’s size and agility makes him a powerful and elusive foe, able to leap over obstacles, charge at opponents, and exploit the natural formations of the game’s expansive Majorcan Islands for quick traversal and strategic strikes. The Cargonauts, a ragtag team of deep space salvagers, are tasked with recapturing the terrifying beast, using teamwork, tools, and powerful jet packs to rival Monstro’s natural abilities.

First Wonder - Monstro

Rogue Rocket Games will also launch its Kickstarter campaign for First Wonder, the spiritual successor to fan favorites Giants: Citizen Kabuto and MDK, live at the first-annual TwitchCon in San Francisco on Friday, September 25th, at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST at the Rogue Rocket Games booth of the Taco Bell Indie Game Garage (Booth #9, Main Expo Hall, Moscone West) and on Twitch (

“We’re thrilled to launch our Kickstarter campaign for First Wonder, a game Richard and I have wanted to develop for many years,” said Rogue Rocket Games Co-Founder and Creator of MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Nick Bruty. “We share a vision to bring back a sense of wonder and discovery in a new game with fantastic, multifaceted gameplay and a humor-filled story. Please check us out and consider backing us when our Kickstarter goes live.”

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to launch our Kickstarter at the first-annual TwitchCon,” said Rogue Rocket Games Co-Founder Richard Sun. “We’re thrilled to show an early version of First Wonder and look forward to connecting with like-minded gamers that want to join us in bringing our vision for a highly enjoyable Giants: Citizen Kabuto and MDK spiritual successor to life!”

Game industry icons and friends of Rogue Rocket Games had the following to say about Nick Bruty and the First Wonder Kickstarter:

“People always say they want more creative stuff. They don’t want more of the same all the time. And that’s what they love about Kickstarter, because you can make games that couldn’t be made otherwise. I think Nick fits right into that mold, because nothing he does is ordinary. I also think Giants was one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. For the people who are looking for fresh ideas, [First Wonder] is a perfect project.”

Brian Fargo
CEO, inXile Entertainment
Kickstarted Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and Bard’s Tale IV.

“I’m really excited to see [First Wonder]. Very excited! We know that you’re not going to give up and that you’re going to get this thing done.”

Dave Perry
Founder, Shiny Entertainment; CEO/Co-Founder, GaiKai

“Nick Bruty is probably the best game designer I’ve ever worked with… I created the character Earthworm Jim, but people really loved the game. And if you love the game, then you love what Nick Bruty did.”

Doug TenNapel
Creator, Earthworm Jim, Neverhood, and Armikrog.

First Wonder Screenshot

Live gameplay of the new First Wonder demo – featuring TwitchCon attendees as Monstro and Rogue Rocket Games as The Cargonauts – will be broadcast on throughout the event. In addition, Nick Bruty, Co-Founder of Rogue Rocket Games and creator of Giants: Citizen Kabuto and MDK, will be on hand for live commentary, interviews, signatures, gameplay sessions with Twitch broadcasters, and to showcase exclusive limited edition in-person Kickstarter rewards available only to early backers during TwitchCon.

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