I got Eufloria as part of the Indie Royale Really Big Bundle last week.  It’s a beautiful, ambient game, with soft pastel colours and gentle music.. all rather soothing 🙂

The controls are very simple with everything handled by clicking and dragging.  After learning how to grow trees, produce more seedlings and expand, you come across the first inhabited asteroid..

The grey seedlings fought mine as they arrived, but weren’t able to stop me taking over their asteroid.  The greys turned out to be a spreading disease.. making it all ok to go and destroy them 😉

The next levels introduced asteroids protected with Defence Trees, which were much harder to defeat!

I initially had trouble with this level as the randomly generated asteroids appeared to have blocked me in, and I was unable to attack with the seedlings I had!  I tried leaving the game running for a long time while I did other things, and the game built up hundreds of seedlings.. which still weren’t enough to win.

A friend said he had completed the level with around 500 seedlings.. but getting that many would take a lot of idling, and I realised it couldn’t possibly be the intended strategy!  I restarted the level to see if I’d missed something.. and yes, I had..

It turned out that you were supposed to be able to move between undefended asteroids, while discovering, but not taking over, the defended ones.  On my first attempt, the random generation must have put the next uninhabited asteroid just out of range so that I didn’t spot it.

Later levels start to have slightly more proactive enemies.. not taking care meant they stole an asteroid for me while my seedlings were out fighting!  Sometimes, when there are two rival empires, they attack each other, leaving you time to build up and then pick off the weaker one 🙂

So far, I think the strategy in the game is rather light.. build a few defence trees, make sure you have seedlings at all asteroids on the edge of your empire, and that seems to be enough to hold the enemy back.  There’s also the “cheap” option of leaving the game running in the background to build up an overwhelming force.. but in my view that takes away the satisfaction.

Flowers are the next feature in the game.. I’ve not got far enough in to discover them yet.. but they can enable seedlings with more firepower and range, or add lasermines if placed on the defence trees.  I don’t think this is going to change the peaceful feeling I get from playing the game, though.. a peaceful explore and conquer game?  Whatever next? 🙂

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