Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Pre-Order Bonus and Online Mode

TECMO KOEI EUROPE announced today the pre-order bonus content for Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires, which will be released on the 22nd of February 2013 exclusively on the PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Nobunyaga

In the UK, those who pre-order the upcoming tactical action fan-favourite through GAME will receive a DLC including the outfits of Diao Chan and Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors 6 as well as the costume of Nobunyaga, a feline version of Samurai Warrior’s Nobunaga Oda.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires’ combines thrilling battlefield action with strategic gameplay, giving each player the opportunity to influence the way history unfolds: gain fame in battle and rule their own nation as a ‘Ruler’, use strategy to seize power and invade neighbouring territories as a ‘Strategist’ or become a mercenary and sell their services around the land as a ‘Free Officer’.  Through actions such as earning fame on the battlefield, protecting the people or looking to expand their own personal wealth and power, the choices made during the strategy and battle phases have an impact on the character’s position.

The newly improved Edit Mode enhances the personalised gameplay, allowing the player to fully customise their own unique character by picking the facial features, personality, weapon animation, abilities, outfits etc and throw them into battle.  These characters can then be shared online for others to download and incorporate in their own game through the ‘Extras’ mode. In this mode the player can utilise all the available online features of the game, like putting together teams of up to four created characters and forming their own kingdom, co-operating with another player to clear a level or using downloaded characters as guest officers who can provide assistance in the battlefield.  Edited characters also include their creator’s play history with character, so the play style is carried over, allowing for a simulated multiplayer experience.

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