Double Fine Adventure

Last night, Tim Schafer announced that Double Fine and 2 Player Productions were to use Kickstarter to fund an adventure game and documentary.

Kickstarter is a funding platform allowing people to pledge money to support a creative project; money exchanges hands once the goal is reached.  You can back the Double Fine Adventure here.  While the creative owner retains all rights to the project, those supporting it can earn bonuses and rewards.. with larger pledges achieving better rewards.  Double Fine set up some extra rewards for “premium” pledges.. you can check those out here.

Within two hours, pledges had reached $200k, and before the night was up, it had passed the $400k goal, with more than ten thousand people having pledged to support it!  Update: The project reached 1 million dollars in funding within 24 hours, and is currently just over $1,500,000!

Tim Schafer has also recently announced that he’d like to make Psychonauts 2.. with Notch offering to back it.  The two have been talking about it, but as yet that’s all.

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