Defiance – Release Date, Pricing and Season Pass

Trion Worlds‘ FPS MMO Defiance is to be released on the 2nd April!

Defiance - Arkfall Detected

Defiance will not require a subscription; Trion are charging for the game client and packages.  Preorders are available now, with digital and physical editions for PC, and physical editions only for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Digital editions include Standard for £34.99 and Deluxe (including extra goodies) for £54.99.  Physical Editions include Standard, for £34.99, Collector’s, for £54.99, and Ultimate, for £79.99, with extra goodies added to each tier.  Exclusive items, of course, may vary by retailer.

It’s worth noting that the Ultimate Edition includes a DLC Season Pass; no details have been revealed about Defiance’s DLC this far.

Defiance - Hellbug

Defiance is still in beta; the next beta weekend will run from 8th – 10th February.  The game’s release in April is to be followed by the premier of the TV series on the 15th April on Syfy.

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