Tim’s new server now lives in Ice Colo’s datacentre in Manchester.. this is a better server than the one in the US, with more bandwidth for the ever-expanding TV guide: On TV Now and any future hosting opportunities.  We arrived early, as we were also heading to the Trafford Centre for shopping afterwards, and found a shiny new building with an electric gate.. authorised access only 😉

I hadn’t expected to be able to go into the data floor, but when Tim took the server in I was also waved through the door.  I was impressed right away by how cool it was.. and how neatly ordered the racks were.  We stood in the ‘cold’ row while Tim and the technician tried to fit the server, having a few problems with the rails at first.  I also got to look at the ‘warm’ row, with all the cables.. many, many cables 😀

Upstairs there was an office.. again, lovely and cool, and aside from the sound of the cooling, quiet.  We saw only two people on the site, too.  I know a few people who would love to work somewhere like that.. in fact, somebody who would like to run one himself 🙂

Back to dreaming about an Awesome office 😉



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