Bundle Stars – Co-op Bundle

Get ready to join forces in order to defeat the challenges that lie ahead as Bundle Stars launches the Co-op Bundle, a new bundle in which you and your allies will have to work together in order to succeed!

Bundle Stars Co-op Bundle

The brand new Co-op bundle embraces cooperative gaming by offering gamers 8 games that have co-op gaming at their core.

Use each player’s light alongside their weapons in order to reveal the randomly generated arenas, as you do battle both with and against your friends and the computer in Light Bound, master light and darkness in order to control your shadow in the puzzle-platformer Shadow Puppeteer, and play together with up to 30 players as you try to survive the zombie infection in the indie classic Murder Miners.

The Co-op Bundle available now and is priced at £1.59 for the first 48 hours.

The Full Line Up:

  • Shadow Puppeteer (Windows) – manipulate light and darkness in this puzzle platformer featuring a boy and his shadow.
  • Light Bound (Windows/Mac) – compete in randomly generated arenas, lit only by the light of players and their weapons.
  • SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance (Windows) – a twin-stick shooter with a variety of complementing ship classes.
  • Castleminer Z (Windows) – an online co-op survival horror game.
  • Zombie Run (Windows/Mac) – a retro platformer where it’s you, your friends, and your guns versus the living dead.
  • Murder Miners (Windows) – a fast-paced FPS with murderous rampages through destructible environments and multiple online modes for up to 30 players.
  • Space Farmers – 2 Pack (Windows/Mac/Linux) – team up with a friend (with the second copy of the game in the pack) and solve puzzles with gadgets, guns, pigs and killer robots.
  • Ted By Dawn (Windows) – a platformer where you face hordes of zombies, mutants, and more.

All game keys can be redeemed immediately upon purchase, using a free Steam account.

The Co-op Bundle is available exclusively from Bundle Stars until 8am BST on 21th July 2015.

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