Bundle in a Box: The Indie Strategy Bundle

The tradition of thematic, properly indie bundles that don’t happen every other day is going strong with the just launched Indie Strategy Bundle by Bundle In A Box, its 11 excellent strategic offerings and, as always, a fresh Indie Dev Grant!

Bundle in a Box - The Indie Strategy Bundle

On to the games then… the Indie Strategy Bundle features (for as low as $1.99) Arcen Games’ excellent 4X/RTS AI War, political strategy-’em-up Us and Them – Cold War, unique tower defense game Creeper World, turn based offerings Storm Over The Pacific and Strategic War in Europe, the hilarious The Trouble With Robots and Age of Conquest III.

Gamers who beat the average price will also get frantic 4X Mayhem Intergalactic, the PAX winning RTS Project Aftermath, deep strategic WW2 sim Fall Weiss and Creeper World 2.

Creeper World

As more bundles get sold, extras will unlock for all buyers and, besides soundtracks and artworks, one of said extras is none other than the (exclusive and turn-based) AI War Prototype!

Oh, and the bundle is as is customary supporting both the Indie Dev Grant ($15 for every 100 sales go to one developer selected by vote) and an important charity: The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family.

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