Battlefield 3 Promotions This Week!

To celebrate 1 billion hours of playtime in Battlefield 3, EA and DICE are running a few promotions this week..

BF3 Close Quarters DLC

First up, the Close Quarters DLC is available for free during E3, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3!  To claim the DLC on PC, log in to Origin and enter the code BF3E3 into the Redeem Code menu.  On consoles, simply visit the in-game store, where the price is currently set to 0 until the end of E3.

Battlefield 3 Premium members will soon receive invitations to the upcoming Battlefield 4 beta.  During E3, there’s double XP to be had in Battlefield 3, and the Tombstone Squad dog tag is being unlocked now for all Premium members.

Battlefield 3 Premium will also be available for 50% off during E3, for those who don’t have it yet.

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