Are you Serious?

Steam keep on making great offers, and I keep on taking them up.  This time it was Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter..

Via Steam, there are a few achievements I decided I’d aim for.  Not sure how the “I am Invincible” achievement will go – complete the game in single player without firing a single bullet or shell – but some of the others won’t be too hard.

After a bit of a run in the single player, I went for some co-op with a friend.  I was pleased to find that you have infinite retries in co-op, as it allows for a more crazed game without having to restart levels.

We also discovered that you can climb on top of other characters, and for a short time, even walk with them standing on your head.

This did lead to a friend trapping himself though..

After climbing on my head to get on an otherwise inaccessible ledge, he went through the door up there, and then found it wouldn’t open to allow him back through!  Some doors won’t open unless you’ve dealt with whatever is in that section..  We were able to pick him up again, after clearing the next room 🙂

In this game there are also a good number of secrets, and there is an achievement for finding 50 of these.  Let’s just say I’m quite determined to find them all 😉

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