Albion Online – Land Auction System

Sandbox Interactive are preparing for the upcoming Closed Beta of their cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online by adding new features and modifying existing ones.  The latest dev diary introduces the Land Auction System..

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The land auction starts one week before the end of any lease with a maximum bid system where players enter the maximum amount of silver they are willing to spend on a plot.  The bids of current owners count as double, but it is possible for other players to increase their bid in the first six days after the auction.  The current owner is given an opportunity to increase their bid on the seventh and last day, in order to prevent them from being ‘sniped’ at the last second.  The winner of the auction are granted a land lease for four to eight weeks, including any existing buildings on the plot, and if the plot owner is outbid, they gain a percentage of the winning bid as compensation.

These changes have been introduced to prevent a constant blockade of building plots, and to allow new players a fair chance at owning a desirable building space.  Players will be able to buy any plot, so long as they are able to outbid the previous owner, encouraging a more fluid market and adding some ‘economic PvP’ into the game.

Albion Online Land Auction

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