A Virus Named TOM

A Virus Named TOM is an action puzzler by Misfits Attic, featuring the City of Tomorrow, filled with robot dogs and self-cleaning houses.. and a virus named TOM.

After using Dr X’s inventions to build the City of Tomorrow, MegaTech promptly fired him.  However, Dr X had also invented TOM, a little virus which he now sets loose to destroy his creations!  Spread the virus by rearranging circuits, but watch out for the anti-virus drones..

There are also two multiplayer modes, for up to four people: co-op, and competitive.

The game is due for release in March, but you can pre-order now, for $5.. this is 50% off the final price, and gets you access to the beta now, along with an opportunity to get your highscore on the final game’s baked-in leaderboard.

Also.. if you pre-order before Valentines, you can grab yourself an extra copy for a loved one!

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