A Virus Named TOM: Winter Wonderland

Misfits Attic have a Christmas gift for everyone who has supported A Virus Named TOM this year – free holiday DLC: A Virus Named Tom: Winter Wonderland!

It’s time to spread some Christmas cheer.. er, a virus.. around the City of Tomorrow, where anti-virus drones look like Frosty the Snowman, hydrators are spitting out Christmas cookies, and you can hear bells jingling in the air..

The DLC is available for free on Steam and should update automatically.

There’s a scavenger hunt in-game too.. even viruses need some Yuletide joy! 😉

Help decorate TOM by finding holiday spirit hidden throughout the circuitry of Dr X’s inventions.  There will be a new clue each day,  and the first to email Misfits Attic an image of TOM completely decorated will then get to decorate themselves with TOM (read: schwag)!

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