A quick peek at Heavy Rain

After a pretty decent pub meal this evening, we went back to a friend’s place.. and while there, checked out the first bit of Heavy Rain, a PS3 exclusive by Quantic Dream.  I’d describe the game as an interactive movie, but this description doesn’t feel enough, somehow..

There are many outcomes to the game, all depending on the choices (or mistakes) made in each scene. 

Starting off, you take control of the first of four protagonists, Ethan, getting him out of bed, washed and dressed.  Hilarity ensued as controlling him consists of performing motions on the controller to represent actions which are highlighted on-screen.  I managed to get Ethan showered, but shaving proved.. interesting.  I’m just glad it was an electric shaver, else he’d have been heading to the hospital for blood loss, rather than heading downstairs for breakfast!  Choices were then left up to me – watch television, wander around outside, play with the remote -controlled car..

The kids arrived home, and I took Ethan out to play with them.  While playing at sword-fighting I was given an interesting choice – pull my blows on my digital son, or land them?  Block his blows, or let him win?  I decided Ethan would be a nice father and let the kid win 🙂

One of the other protagonists was an FBI agent – this scene involved the discovery of a body, and investigating the scene.  Again, choices.. talk to just the one man required for the objective, or go poking around and asking everybody questions?  After talking to the required police chief, I was given the option to simply return to the station, but figured I should also investigate the body and crime scene in general to see if there was more evidence.  This led to a rather interesting trail up a slippery, mud-covered slope, with each missed step marked down in mud on the agent’s previously spotless black suit 🙂

Now.. I have a little problem in completing games, and so I try to limit what I buy.. but I want this game!  Tim said he will buy this once I have completed two more console games..

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